United Police Work Dog Association

mission statement

The United Police Work Dog Association, Inc. was formed to better Law Enforcement Agencies in the United States.  Certification Standards have been written and implemented to better prepare our Canines and Officers to meet the daily operations and threats that they may encounter.   The United Police Work Dog Association (U.P.W.D.A.) will always be about making Canine Units better in their profession.  We want to be able to interact with the Public and promote the trust between our Citizens and our Police Officers.  We set our certification standards high to promote more training on the Officers and their dogs.  Our Membership has made it clear that they want to train hard and be the best at what they do!  We want all our Officers to go home to their families every night and if it takes a little more training to better prepare them for the confrontation, then we are ready.  Are you?  Come and join us and be part of our family.

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