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Flag of a K-9 Hero



"Symbol of loyal service,

dedication and honor.

I am the Flag of a K9 Hero.

I am snapped to attention.

My stars and stripes are folded

red, white, then blue.

Gentle hands offering a loving embrace,

..... a final salute

I am presented to a grieving partner

.... who now stands alone.

An empty collar .... a folded lead.

No head to stroke ... no gaze of unconditional love.

I feel the beating of a grieving heart

as I am pressed to the chest.

Tears fall upon my stars

and become a permanent part of my fabric.

A loyal, faithful partner, ...

a beloved family member,

is laid to rest.

Memories cascade from the soul.

Falling like tears,

they embrace the heart in the stillness.

I am the Flag of a K9 Hero.

It is my End of Watch."

--Shari Johnson (2016)

Officer Jordan H. Sheldon


K9 123

It is the unfortunate part of being a K-9 handler, and the oh so real truth that our partners may pass the golden arches during their tour of duty, or due to unforeseen circumstances. Here we pay tribute to our four legged companions. Sleep easy canines, watch over the others still on the job. Although they may no longer physically be with us, we always remember them.

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